Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well done, son.

We are preparing to attend the funeral for Capt. Mark Garner. We are sitting in the choir loft in robes, but the choir is not singing. Mark, as a soldier in danger, prepared a service in case of the worse. Its hard to imagine needing such a thing, but here it is.

Anyway, he wanted music in various languages because of his love of traveling the world. There will be solos and duets in foreign languages. I imagine at least one will be given by a choir member who has immigrated from Russia and teaches voice here now. I'm not at all sure what else will be included. But, we know we will see a military funeral and the church will be absolutely packed with townspeople.

I can not say enough how much you would have liked this young man. You would have loved him. I did not know him personally. I know his in-laws and his parents. They are wonderful people. This is such a loss for them, for us, for America and I dare say for you too.

Honoring fallen heroes and past heroes is what OVTA is about, so we don't forget the price of freedom. I read again recently this statement: "Freedom is not free, somebody pays for it." If someone else paid the price for your freedom, you must not ever forget that sacrifice and you need to remember why it costs so much and under what conditions it became necessary to stand up, voice the truth and if required, to fight for what is right. If you find yourself in the position to stand up and voice the truth and if required, to fight for freedom for you and your children, may God bless you and keep you and give you strength. Read our the statement where we declared in 1776 that we are free to conduct ourselves as a separate nation: "When it the course of human events, it becomes necessary...

So, RIP Mark, and I'm sure by now that 1200 overmountain men have met you on the other side. Well done, son.

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