Friday, February 26, 2010

Apologize, apologies...

Where have I been? Well...still here, but released to drive and then it was Christmas and then I'm still job hunting and now I am back in school again!! for about the 5th time, but its wonderful!

Here is something very cool and very revolutionary from a group in Asheville.

If you look at their other videos page you will see this video which is at once about the old international conflict and leads me to writing grants, articles about public science, and writing in general. Everything I am studying at East Carolina University On-line in their Technical and Professional Writing Program is here. Intercultural communications, Techniques for technical writing, Public science writing and Grant-writing (because its time again to start on the October event for Wilkes-Surry OVTA). I was amazed.

I'll try to write every day again. I might have very BIG news on Monday so come back!!!