Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay, he's back. He played the fiddle on the Giant's Causeway as predicted. Sigh. But I am having a good time with my sister in law in Lynchburg. I have facebook friends searching for my son's ancestor's grave in Gaston County. The BBC is coming to North Carolina at least for one day it appears.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The BBC called my house!!

It's true. Some weeks ago the British Broadcasting Company called my house! We thought we were on our way to Northern Ireland for July. That is a very long story I'll let you in on at a later date. For now, just so you will know,
********** RG is on his way to Northern Ireland tonight***********
with other OVTA members to bring the story of the American Revolution in the south to the Scots-Irish in Ulster.

In 2004, we went to the Republic of Ireland and to England during Christmas. It was wonderful, but I did not consider going to N. Ireland at the time. I was afraid of it. By the time the trip arrived, I had learned a lot and less afraid, but you can't get there from there. Those were long roads! I planned to go back as I told Rick Steves. I learned especially that Many Many of the Overmountain men were from Ulster or their fathers and mothers were from there. You already know my son has a direct relative who fought at Kings Mountain and before that in the French and Indian War. Captain Martin born in county Tyrone, NI., lived to be 104 years old and is buried in Belmont, NC.

In fact, before we weren't going to N. Ireland, we were going and I corresponded with a producer there about our genealogy. They were very interested in my son and RG. I even found one possible Irish ancestor for myself a little closer in time than the 1400s... 1740 to be exact. We were going to be detectives searching out our genealogy, see the linen areas, see the giant's causeway, see Belfast, Londonderry and Donegal in the Republic... sigh. RG is going to get to play his fiddle on the great rocks of the Giant's Causeway, march in parades, sing in pubs and visit with people.

We can only hope that he brings Brendan Hughes back to North Carolina. AND no ! it 's not that one, its the history producer/director/ famous BBC one altogether different one. Brendan Hughes must be to the Irish of both lands as John Smith is the England or American. .. A classic name.

Anyway, I told him to invite Mr. Hughes over. We would have a "pickin" session like we did for his mid-century birthday and I will take him with my son to the heart of the hornet's nest in Gaston County and find the grave of the Revolutionary hero Samuel Martin.

Meanwhile! Happy 4th of July. Look what my friend Andy Matthews did with the East Bend celebration. Isn't it cool?!?! You can follow Andy and happens in the Yadkin Valley on his new e-newspaper. Maybe we can survive the loss of the Messenger with this new media.

Happy 4th!!