Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shadows in the Dark

You will never believe what RG is up to at this moment. Shadows in the Dark paranormal radio show is having an interview with him on the phone.

I put a link in here to follow them because they are taking this all seriously. I see a recent guest discussed the Hubble telescope. So, this radio show has some serious following. And, from previous posts you know RG wrote a book and we have had ghost experiences. Now we are experts and he gives Ghost tours several times a year around Wilkesboro.

But, who knows. When the paranormal investigators came to the Robert Cleveland house and the Old Wilkes Jail to record EVPS, we stayed with them. I listened to the EVPs they collected and I thought I heard a female/girl's voice saying "what you goin' to do now?" Check it out.

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