Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm here to tell you the news.

Yesterday, I complained about not seeing or reading much about the Iranian protests around the world. This morning I found a clip on WXII12 from the Associated press. I am encouraged by the gentleman's opinion that the muslim world may follow Iran's lead (toward democracy). I'm glad the news is getting out.

Our experience in the Southern Campaign will be an example. Our experience in the aftermath of wars should be an encouragement. We love Britain now. We love German and Japan. I have visited all these places and I am welcomed each time. I hope the day will come when I can visit Iran, Iraq, and the Holy lands with equal ease. The history of the world is there. The culture of such enduring civilizations has much to show us.

It is a powerful thing, freedom. It does not come easy or cheap. And since the desire of freedom is so powerful, it will grow from the energetic minority to the major majority. It appears to be on its way in Iran. I hope so.

I hope it can come soon without too much sacrifice. I remember what I heard the last WWI vet in England say on the news last night - we must remember heroes who fell on both sides. It is not necessary to die for your opinions when democracy is established.

But, Democracy depends upon news and free communication.

And, it's important to understand the language to understand the news. (PS. If you click this link to hear the dialects here, on the very last page about general dialects in NC, the narrator mispronounces Watauga. He's obviously not from 'round here, but everybody else is.)

Here is an excerpt of the last remaining sounds of Elizabethan English on the shores of North Carolina. These people are natives of the Outer Banks. Pay attention to the way they say "I" or "time" or "out".

All my relatives sound like Virginians or like those of the coastal plain.

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