Monday, July 13, 2009

That last post made no sense.

That last post made no sense. I copied over my comments about the Voice of America by mistake.

Anyway, here is the idea. The website has some interesting comments about words we use about horses that are analogies for something else entirely. I found it on Voice of America, special English, which is a broadcast for folks who are learning the English language. But, I thought it would also be great for children learning to read and it was just plain interesting. Here it is.

And about Y'all Come...our picnic at the park the other day turned into a scene like this. Rain forced the bulk of the volleyball players under the shelter with the musicians. RG, OF COURSE, and two others had pulled out the banjo, guitar, and dog-house bass to jam and were tearing up "Pig in a Pen". Another local guy, probably Scots-Irish/English descent, wearing a baseball cap backwards the way they do, pulled out a real African drum to add to the music mix. He was sitting on the the picnic table and beside him ( at least on the seats) was a young very white guy in a black tee shirt with jet black hair cut in a Mohawk style. On the other side of him (again at least sitting on the seats) was a fine gentleman of a certain age, likely a veteran, tapping and clapping along. And in front of all this a Mexican/Navajo ranger and another decidedly Scots-Irish woman flat-footed or clogged, dancing up and down the area between the tables. The little granddaughter of the ranger, African/Mexican/Navajo descent, whirled and twirled under the watchful eye of her African-American father. The rest of us all enjoyed ice cold watermelon slices for desert. It was a real scene. It was so visual. It was so NC.

PJ got pulled up to dance and, bless him, he was twice the size of the ranger and the little girl came up to about his knee.

It was a sight to see, and it was fun.

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