Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Change, change, change

I hope our American experiment is an example of how resiliant a people can be to change. We change leaders regularly, but still adhere to a ladder of form established by the sacrifice of men from the 1700s. It seems to work.

Here is why it is so important. When I graduated from college I took a job designing woven labels for clothing. It took about three days to cut some of the more complex satin patterns to weave on the looms. This was done by hand by "card-cutters', about six or eight of them to three designers. Ten years later, I was working in a company with an mechanical electro-magnetic card punching machine and I and three other designers could have that work done by our one design assistant in about 3 hours. Ten years after that I create the art and technical pattern and can "cut" the design electronically onto a disk or flashdrive myself or in some other companies send it out in bursts of electrons straight to the loom in less than 30 seconds. From 3 days to 30 seconds. That's a lot of change within 20 years.

The world is changing and connecting rapidly. It's important to identify what is needed, what works from the past and what doesn't work from the past. It is important to know these things, because there doesn't seem to be time for reflection coming up.

Look at this YouTube: Did you know?

Maybe we should all take a look at this book, How to survive a robot uprising by Daniel Wilson. I'm not kidding. I gave it to PJ and his uncles a few years ago. Hang on to your hat.

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