Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too much in two days.

Okay, I'm back. Many things to tell you. First, RG took a tumble down the stairs after Tom Dooley and is having SURGERY on his knee on Monday. Can you believe it?

Secondly, I attended a session for Project GetReady at MCNC in RTP. They liked my idea about the charging stations at museums. They have to go somewhere beyond home and work, so...apparently, McDonald's in Cary has one installed already. They tore it down and rebuilt it in a hurry. They did this in Elkin last year too. I wonder if they have a charging station there? I wouldn't think so, but I will check.

Also, I have an assignment to gather a database of all your Revolutionary War sites. I started this blog hoping more local folks would write comments to me about their sites. I have had comments, but not too many.

However, I do believe many of you have let the park service know about your counties and your sites. I do not yet have access to that summary. We are supposed to receive a newsletter about the result of the survey due July 1 sometime soon. But, in the meantime would you please comment here on the blog with the website or your site email. Or I will track you down and call you up!

Lastly, we went to Abingdon late last night. We were in a documentary film! playing guitar! me too! early this morning and it rained and rained.

It's about the National Trails. This crew has been all over the US. They looked like about anybody with a fancy camera, but they are real filmmakers. They kinda of look like geologists in the field...We will see what comes of it.

Like anything creative, build it and they will come. I guess this filming is about making trailers and finding investors. If it is massive enough I guess they will film more in October. But anyway, as I sat with RG, four odd looking cameras and a big spongy looking thing hovered and floated all around us. I hope I played the guitar correctly.

I met a fellow whose whole job is reenacting kinda like Eustace Conway. Here he is. Steve at He made all kinds of art for a movie staring Dean Jones and filmed in NC, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel which comes out in the fall. I hope he will come to Elkin in October to protray the way of life in the frontier during the revolution. Note his music on the website? Yes, I believe that is that wonderful theme from The Last of the Mohicans again. Mandie and the Secret Tunnel concerns a little girl reconnecting with her Cherokee past.

Tomorrow I have a morning errand with NCESC. RG has Pre-op. PJ is in Suessical in Elkin which opens tomorrow night. He has green paint for his face as he is the Grinch!!!

So, I'm not writing about the Revolution or electric cars or surgery until tomorrow. Too much in two days.

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