Monday, July 6, 2009

Checking in...

Just back from the mountains at the cabin. PJ is so tall now that his head touches the ceiling when he stands up. Its a very old cabin. Remind me to tell you about the Christmas tree industry, the blueberries, Sparta, and Christmas in July at West Jefferson. Sorry we missed it last week.

Also VisitNC - twitter is informative and quick!

Finally, my blog is slowing down so I think I have to talk to about that. The first week using this blog surfer was probably to lure me in. I had more than 80 people each day reading my blog. Not today. But, here is a mention in my post so maybe links will pick it up.

To all of you, especially all of you from the rest of the globe, welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm delighted you are here. So many of you in the US and even the rest of the world are reading my posts for hours though many pages, I am so surprised! But so excited! And I'm so pleased you are coming directly here even if you are not on now.

I hope you will get to visit NC someday. I hope I will get to visit all of the marvelous places that are reading my blog.

Notice, I have a twitter account you can follow if you would like.
Well, time to try to sleep. It's midnight. Tomorrow is the second night for Tom Dooley, a Wilkes County Legend. "break a leg"

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