Saturday, July 25, 2009

The birthday of a new world

Native American people are responsible for discovering and establishing 50% of the crops cultivated in the world today. Probably 90% of them were wiped out by disease after contact with Europeans and Africans. Amazing.

Two thoughts. Thank goodness for native people. Isn't it incredible that global populations survive inspite of such a loss. I had to share that because I didn't know that fact. Incredible.

It's my birthday. I think I've already had all the fun things. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Asheville because of the fall down the stairs RG had last Saturday, but last night when I picked him up from work, we took a chance that Sunny Italy was open and turned off Hwy 268 half way to Elkin for the adventure. PJ was at his Dad's so we decided on the spur of the moment to have a date for my birthday.

Sunny Italy opened in a chicken coop in 1966. It was run by Mr. and Mrs. Roselli. Mr. Roselli was from Italy and brought all his true Italian recipes with him. Imagine a time when pizza was almost unknown in North Carolina, much less real Italian tomato sauce, and cremepuffs. Hard to believe. But, Sunny Italy became famous and people drove from miles around to eat there.

Today, Daisy Roselli is still at work even though she is over 100 years old now. She greets people and welcomes them. Her children and grandchildren run the restaurant. She could not be there Friday, because she took a fall on holiday a couple of weeks ago and is recovering, but she'll be there when you get out there. It's only open on Fridays and Saturdays. I met one of grandchildren Friday night who lives in Durham and drives back to Roaring River every weekend to help out.

Another of Mrs. Roselli's children, T., was the activities directory where my mom lives. Coincidentally, Mom found out that she was from Wilkesboro and so T. found RGs band and invited them to perform at the independent living center on two occasions. The band members were completely impressed by the reception they received at the Octoberfest event by all those 70-100+ year old folks. They got up and danced and they (some!, not mom) drank beer. I guess it was the first time for the band to play bluegrass/celtic/umpahpah music for senior citizens free to mingle.

A note about the birthday of a new world.

Next year I should have a BirthNight Ball to celebrate my birthday, or perhaps we should do it the weekend following July 4th to recognise the birth of a new nation or as Thomas Paine predicted, the birth of a new world.

North Carolina is in here somewhere. Well, I have to go pick up RG. I was released from the gig by carpooling, but they are on their way back. I took my presents to the mall and had a blast at Belk's 40% off the 50%-off-markdowns sale.

And this means that Goodwill will be blessed by me on Monday. I think I have a new closet full of summer clothes. And you know - one new one in = two old one's out.

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