Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More music postscript....

Well, I am somewhat attracted to write this blog about all day long. I have to get out and about to have something to write about however, so I hope I can slow it down a bit. In the meantime, all of you, including the readers from, can listen to a continuous stream of music from the annual Merlefest.

Just click on the link at the top of the page - "mymvy - click here". By the way, in any of the writing if you see words in purple instead of black, they are a link and if you click on the words you will go to documentation for the words in italics or you will go to another link for information or a YouTube presentation or whatever. Anyway, I like the purple link words. They are like little surprises and they tell whatever story better than I can.

Back to to My MVY... When your link comes up, it will be tuned to a Merlefest stream. All of the Merlefest artists will be listed on the left. Their music will play, randomly I guess, UNLESS you click them off. Unfortunately, the artists I most wanted you to hear were the Carolina Chocolate Drops and I clicked on them before I read the instructions. (Well, confess, you have all pushed a button before reading instructions, right?) Anyway, will you please release the click on the Carolina Chocolate Drops so you can hear them. They are one of the best examples of Americana Music. I have tried and tried to click them back on and repost and for some reason it won't do it. Of course, if by a miracle, your lists are clear, let it rip!

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