Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disruptive Innovation

I'm getting off the dance kick, but... one last note. Creativity comes in many forms I think. I am somewhere in the middle of skills (with the exception of technical jacquard design) and it bothers me when I express myself in my other endeavors to hear that it is not at the edge of creativity. I think creativity must emerge from each one of us, but rather like the radiation from each star. It grows through a life cycle. What is creative at one point of expertise is dull at another.

So, for people, it is critical to encourage that radiant creativity when it emerges and not squash it in someone else because you happen to be "more creative".

Secondly, there are some techniques to practice to help creativity or bravery emerge. You know, "know the rules to break the rules", even though sometimes there are no rules or even though the most creative people in one industry have come there from an entirely different industry. Disruptive Innovation leads most change.

I mean, as a creative individual grows they follow a path for a while and then blaze a new one. It is important, if it is necessary for them to follow the path, not to push them off before they decide to blaze a new one so they can grow. And on the other hand if they refuse to grow, it helps to lead them through some disruptive innovation to teach them to be brave, so if you are the disruptor, go for it...

New things sometimes come just by combining knowledge from one subject with the knowledge of another rather than a complete revolution. That is just as creative in my mind as an idea that comes from no where. In fact, I think the most original thinkers must practice putting two unlikely ideas together and see what happens next, for a while before those bizarre and exciting totally impossibly NEW thoughts happen spontaneously.

An assignment in school for me to draw fashions inspired by the National Ballet and the punk scene emerging in the streets at the time. It was weird when it was assigned and beautiful/cool when it was done.

I also have yet to complete a musical arrangement of The Doxology and Alleluia reved up to a Latino beat and sung in a round. It has been in my head for probably 30 years. It would be a hit on the youth circuit I know, especially since they all love praise music so much. I need to review my list of things left undone and tie them up.

So, you have to see what the Upstate Carolina Dance Center has done with the traditional mountain dance and Austin Powers ...since we talked about clogging and shagging yesterday.

Given this unusual talent, could those South Carolina kids create something about the Southern Campaign and that contemporary clogging we saw yesterday?

They live in the heartland of the Battle of Kings Mountain so lets hear the rebel yelling/Indian play, and thunder on the mountain from their feet. Neat..

Hummm...how can we stretch that a bit... clogging to tell the story of the Revolution in the Carolinas and entertain the coming revolution in green energy. Yeah, let's see you do that!

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