Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reading, not writing

Opps I'm reading too much and forgot to come give an update. Please forgive.

Aside from the traffic circles I found today thirty-five minutes away on the exit from 421 in Lewisville, NC and I didn't know we even had then in the US, especially NC!! - we sold CDs, RG played the hammered dulcimer and I found contacts for reenactors for our OVTA event on Oct. 9th.

He was a little beat from that so we did not go to see the Nissen house they are restoring in Lewisville, the Nissen Wagon there in town or the Hattie Butner STAGECoach you can go see in Clemmons. I want to go back.!

The Great Wagon Road ran through that area an thousands and thousands of Ulster-Scots immigrated to NC from Pennsylvania to the Carolina backcountry in NC and SC.


Kim Conner said...

Hi Donna! I'm Kim, and I'm following you from Rutherfordton. Nice to meet you- I enjoy reading your blog as I am working with a local group to get an OVTA chapter chartered here.

There are TWO (really!) stupid traffic circles in Columbus, Polk County. I hated when they put them in- the older people had no clue how to use them, so they would go around and shoot off the wrong way. One could never get anywhere.

Anyway, I'm becoming a Rev history fanatic and I always learn something here!


Donna said...

Great!We are planning a big event during the march to Kings Mountain this year. The OVTA always stops in Gilbertown. but you've probably seen them. Anyway, what potential! Let me know if you need any help at all. You only need twenty people to sign up to start a chapter. Let me know if you want more information.

I know folks that own a textile mill in Rutherfordton and I want to come visit them pretty soon. Unfortunately for me, I will have a neck surgery in about 10 days and I will not be driving, so it looks like my visit is put off until October.

THANK-YOU for reading my blog! People do like this from all over the world. I think they are fascinated by our "great experiment". I'm really intrigued by the lost information in NC history that I find in those 19th century books. So, I'm just digging and dreaming. But I especially laugh at the story of Musgrove's Mill where the patriots routed the tories and the rebel yell was defined for this war. Did I write about that? There was a "mooning" incident. You know, people are more like our ancestors than we know.

Oh yeah, those traffic circles! I'm sending my son ASAP to practice the encounter. I was a bit confused myself the other day. And how about that, more of those things in NC!

Good to hear from you. Ask questions or for OVTA emails if you need help. They put up a twitter space this week. I'm not sure its really working. But follow it. If you can't search it, you can find it from my twitter link on the blog. I'm following them/us too.