Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hiking and Cruising

I never crused Elkin, however, it was, I KID YOU NOT, the very first thing I saw when I moved to town. I crossed the bridge which stretched across a huge valley to the top of a hill over the Yadkin River and Main Street was down below in the valley. I looked down and there were hundreds of cars on both sides of the street slowly rolling up and down the street. Kids were hanging out and waving at here other. I have never seen so much activity at night in the USA outside of Times Square in New York. It happened every weekend. Was it Sunday nights? Pretty soon after I moved here, they shut it down for safety I guess.

From Facebook : Elkin was well known as being one of the largest cruising towns on the East coast from the 60's-80's. USA today did a feature story that made the front page of the paper talking about cruising in America. In the 1990s Elkin police cracked down on cruising putting an end to a memorable era. Kids from all over would come to Elkin and cruise. Those were the days!

Coke is sponsoring a photo contest. Y'all be sure to send some pictures in. These details are on the page about history and culture on the ok Diner website .

Have you been cruising round the States lately? Visited any good diners or been wowed by the vast landscapes? Captured a slice of American life that you just want to share? Email your best photos to us at OK Diner and your picture could appear on this site!
Feeling lucky? Then send us your snaps (no larger than 2MB please) to be in with a chance of winning a Tom Tom One GB Classic sat nav with 3½" screen, courtesy of Coca Cola.
Judging will take place shortly after the closing date of 31st December 2009 and the winner will be notified by email.

There is a fund-raiser going on in Elkin you should know about wrapped around the art of crusing. Since I was "Mrs. Howell" in the "Which Gilligan's Island Character Are You" on Facebook, I feel empowered to encourage it. Crusing was fad of the 1950s.

Robin Turner says CRUISING IS BACK. The Elkin Town Board has approved cruising for one night only: Sat Oct.10th to raise money for the Reeves Theater Restoration Project. So, if you can get here and you want to see what kind of culture influences the baby boomers leading us in government today, come see what happens.

So come cruise and make photos for Coke. Coca-Cola is a great sponsor of all kinds of things. I told you my Starmount class was in the top 10 videos contest sponsored by Coke to preform with those two Mentos and Coke guys. Maybe they should come make an advertisement in Elkin on Oct. 10.... Hummm... clock ticking......lightbulb blinking....

And finally a Rev. War connection...Coke is helping the park service to help us promote hiking and biking and history on Oct. 9th for Elkin City Schools. We are working out details. Our event will showcase colonial life in 1780 in Surry county with hands-on living skills and reenactors for the kids and feature a hike on the Overmountain Victory Trail. The public is invited back out from 4 -6 pm. It will start in Elkin City Park and be stretched out to the river at the trail so you can walk it too the night before the big cruise.

Now all we need is a shiny diner. When Cary got one, it was protested as an eyesore by newly initiated natives. What did they know? There is an interesting soda shop nearby in Lewisville that qualifies by the way. We ate there before the history fair last week.

In honor of Les Paul, who started it all with his electric guitar which led to Elvis and rockabilly from bluegrass and country which led on to Rock and Roll to the Beatles to the Cars to Cool ...what? Thank-you Les Paul for kicking off the fifties and all those crazy things they did in the first half before I was born.

Well, come spend the weekend in Elkin on Oct. 9th. Hike the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail on Friday afternoon, catch a dinner at 21 and Main or any of the other fine eating establishments, tour a winery Oct. 10th and then the "piece de resistance", come cruising Saturday. Its for a good cause and it will be FUN!

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