Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, one of the greatest effects of making a big to-do about your history beyond the preservation aspect, is the creation of products which are meaningful to people. Okay, more stuff. But, as you know some Stuff is biodegradable and necessary. For example: soap!

OVTA has had a request from one of our reenactors to create soap with OVTA logo imprinted. This is our first step in to the world of licensing. We have to be careful as to what this means to "protect" our "brand" and encourage our core values.

But, I think this is EXACTLY what the National Heritage Area will promote. Small businesses creating experiences and products with themes in our heritage which serve to remind and educate and create beautiful memories are the result of this endeavor.

Trade makes peoples lives better if it is fair. Trade also results in jobs, revenue for people and for society, fun and purpose for the craftsmen. So, three hazzahs for OVTA getting ahead of the curve.

We have members who are government employees, members who are independent businessmen and members who work in the private section for corporations. With all this experience, we should be able to encourage lots of economic development.

To that end, I saw something in Licensing magazine a few years ago I want to share. Its from Mary Engelbreit. You will recognise her drawings and cards. Her personal style is so recognizable and so fantastic. I have a shirt with Christmas embroidery from her designs I love to wear every year. It's sweet and it celebrates! Importantly, it expresses something meaningful to many people. Her sentiments are usually dead on for gifts and greeting cards. I personally just love the stylized drawing. The curves and colors are just delightful to me. And she built a whole business around her passion.

She made a wonderful powerpoint explanation of how she markets and licenses her art that I want to look at again and OVTA should study now that we are thinking about it.

I have looked on her updated website and I do not see it so I have asked her if it is still available. Meanwhile, she has great advice on the website. I'm emailing that to OVTA today too. If the presentation is available, I will post it later on.

I've always wanted to go to this trade show. MAGIC. It starts next week. Maybe next year for me... You go...Make some magic.

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