Monday, August 3, 2009

PJs Passport is on its way.

RG is resting comfortably, but no driving for SIX weeks! Humm. May have to delay my surgery too.

I guess I will have plenty of time to look up, write and telephone all of you about your Revolutionary War sites. See? Am I supposed to be employed at this time? No, didn't think so. But I will just keep looking. And somewhere between all this, I will draw some gorgeous motifs, make repeats and create some designs. Maybe I can do this on my own...

Well, I don't know what revolutionary events have intersected my life these past few days. It must have something to do with doctors.

But earlier I found all this stuff about Stokes county which is beside my county of Surry. The revolution in Stokes county was primarily a preparatory event. The rock house is still standing from the 1780s. It was used as a fort against Tories and Native American attacks. It has gun ports built in. Its close by so when RG gets stir crazy perhaps we can go for a drive there. Well maybe not. He won't be able to walk away there.

I think there will be even more Banjo music in my house for the next month.

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