Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Charting the Course for Electric Transportation

I went to MCNC to the Charting the Course for Electric Transportation last week. Here is the deal from Progress Energy and Duke power spokesmen.

Every car company has an electric vehicle to introduce within the next 18 months. Nissan announced its new all electric vehicle to appear in the US market in 2010. I hope they start in the Carolinas.

The plug to connect the car to the energy source has been approved by the SAE.

No plugs are manufactured as of today. But we expect them by the fall.

The plugs have 5 prongs and require a special receptacle. The receptacles can be installed in homes or businesses ( charging stations)

To fully charge the electric cars to go 40 to 100 miles (full tank) takes about 8 hours or overnight on 110 V, 4 hours on 240 volt and 15 minutes on the fast charge system. 110V is what Americans use in their homes. 240V are in American homes to run the clothes dryers. No one has the fast charge yet.

We envision fast charge stations like a gas station. I think it may be like taking the car to the serviced car wash.

2.4 B dollars of grants just announced to spur electric cars made in USA!!!

Back soon. Click on the CBS link below.

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