Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old Williams Whiskey

The Williams Family discussed the other day was the same Williams family of Joseph Williams, "The Duke of Surry", and Col. James Williams of South Carolina who was killed at Kings Mountain. This website discusses their family again. But look at this very interesting record--

"But most definitely, the early generations of the family were involved in the distilling of Whiskey. This I am sure is a trade that was brought over from Wales, as it seems to be a popular beverage from all the countries that border the Irish Sea. In fact as late as 1904, the family was advertising the sale of Old Williams Whiskey from their distillery in Williams, Surry County, North Carolina. It states that "The Old Williams Company" of Williams, N.C. was founded in 1768. This business was run by the descendants of John's son Nathaniel (b. 1712). "

So, where is Williams, Surry county? Where was the Old Williams distillery?
Here's one mentioned in Panther's Creek in Yadkin Countyin this Branson's NC business directory from 1888. Maybe it was a mistake above. Is there a Williams in Yadkin county?
Welsh Moonshiners... haha!

Aha - Panther's Creek was a homeplace for Nicholas Lenoir Williams, born 1800. Guess we know who he was named in honor of. I can't tell if this was Yadkin or Surry county.

Somebody here knows where it is. It must be lying in a field nearby.

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