Friday, May 15, 2009

Who knew all this was in Sampson County!

It turns out I cannot be discouraged from my mission. I have more relatives in Eastern NC who must have access to more Rev. War tales of adventure.

I just looked at Sampson county.  It is located far south between two counties already designated as Heritage Area possibilities.  I see it was part of Duplin county during the Revolution. So, like the counties in the far NW, this SE county may be left out only because of its name change.  Dublin county history in my link doesn't mention its Rev. War connections, but they are already tagged for inclusion. Sampson must have some of that "je ne sais quois " too.

I asked the Historical society to get busy documenting the area. In the meantime, here's what I know.

Clinton, is the county seat. My Dad bought a shetland pony, Pepper, for us when I was eight. We drove to Clinton in a pick-up truck to get him, loaded him up and brought him back home where we had a 1/2 area corral for him. He had to be tied in the yard with a hemp rope from my Uncle's truck shop every day for pasture, but of course we had grain in his stall and hay. I camped out in that little tack room overlooking his stall a few adventurous nights. We kept him until my sister's feet hit the ground when she rode him.  That is a happy memory.

Aha! see the link! Cornwallis walked here!

Roseboro, is a great town where my great-aunt lived and where my Mom's cousins still live. They can sing!!! What voices! She always requests a hymn from them at family reunions. (That family still returns to Nash County for the ultimate family reunion which they have done since the turn of the 20th century. )  I can't find a great website for Roseboro. ??  So, just stop in at West's drugstore and say you heard there were "Just Good Folks" here from Mary's daughter Donna. My kin may be retired by now, but still there should be some good folks there.

As for the Revolution, there were leaders named Clinton and Sampson from there and militia. I don't know too much more, so I asked people there to write to the Parks Service.

We will see.

Don't miss the National Hollerin' Contest the third week in June!!!!

And look who I found- The Coasters, The Marvelettes, and the Platters still in action Saturday night in Sampson County- this weekend- if you can't get to our Yadkin Valley Wine Festival tomorrow.


Hey, did you know that Y'all, the ultimate southern word, is a contraction of the Scot's speak  "ye all"  and it still means just that - "All of you" . My adventures in Robeson county yesterday remind me to remind you that Gaelic was a viable language during the Rev. War days especially in the South East and the Highlanders conversed with it.  I guess the Tories really sounded like an invasion force!

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Diane Siniard said...

I assume from your posting you haven't seen all of the Revolutionary War info I have crammed on the Duplin site or better yet on the North Carolina in the Revolutionary War site. Here are the links:
Duplin County NCGenWeb home page:

Duplin County Military Information:

Duplin County Revolutionary War Information:

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War site:

Grab a huge glass of sweet tea and enjoy these pages! : )

You might find some answers to some of your questions, and please keep checking back because I still have a huge amount of data that will be added to the NC in the Rev. War site.