Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting back on the horse that threw you....

I must apologize. 

Johnston...JohnsTon county. See I don't know all... yet.  

And here is another link about about Richard Caswell, a remarkable man.

and NC Echo for all things digital concerning cutural resources. NC Echo was a GREAT resource for advertising our OVTA celebration in 2005.   I see they have been every where and seen everything. I'm having trouble opening the reports on this Mac. They made the digital library, not ECU. Anyway, they respond to email. Contact them to see what they have on your county during the period of the Revolutionary war.  I will too. Their metadata would be a great source I imagine for the GIS mapping Historic Roads Congress meeting in Charlotte.  hUmm.....

It just pays to ask those questions.

This horse keeps throwing me. I'm am bruised by all the assumptions I keep making. However, let's just say I am making hypothetical statements.  Let's say I, as a private citizen not regularly involved in tourism or history except to be entertained by it and spend my money, created a question, tested it and sometimes the answer was null. That's just as valuable.

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