Wednesday, May 20, 2009

National Parks Service Opportunity!!!!

Reminder: Now Accepting Applications

Got an Idea? 

The National Park Service helps partners 
plan successful locally-led
outdoor recreation and natural resource 
conservation projects.

August 1 is the deadline for the next round 
of assistance from our Rivers, Trails, and 
Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to 
discuss project ideas with RTCA staff 
before submitting an application.

Visit for more information. 

National Park Service | 1201 Eye Street 

(Org Code 2240) | Washington | DC | 20005

Isn't this wonderful?  I think its time to make

a trail of Martin Gamble's ride linking to the 

OVNHT. We need the trail of the Surry Militia

under Joseph Winston linked to the OVNHT.

We need a trail of the Overmountain men

coming back with their captives to Bethabara via

the Catawba/Yadkin Rivers. We need a trail of Over

mountain men from  Georgia and one from Tennessee 

officially connecting to the OVNHT. We need a trail of

the Tory raid on Oct. 14th of the Piedmont

families at Shallowford while the rest of their men

were coming back from Kings Mountain.

And, I need a OVNHT visitor's center in each of the five 

states. (This suggested by one of our wise and generous 

tourism officers in NC). This would be Elkin and Abingdon,

Virginia of course.  King's Mountain National Military Park

already is a tremendous visitor's center on top of the 

mountain in  SC itself.

You guys in Greensboro and Winston-Salem can probably 

find other trails to link to Guilford Courthouse since

that is part of the National Park service.

I think the NPS doesn't require trails connected

with History, but we have so much!

AHA! The trail of that dasteredly fiend Fanning

across Wake county... a trail of Cornwallis to


Trails serve as greenways for recreation and

health initiatives. Devise your story, map your

trail and call for help...

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