Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Morning!! I must not spend all day talking to myself on the internet, but as each day unfolds a new tidbit of the story I also feel compelled to record it.

Yesterday, I went all over with my Wake county story. I do own a source, but I'm in denial. The book Colonel David Fanning, The Adventures of a Carolina Loyalist, gives an account of his whereabouts after Lindleys'Mill. He was in western Chatham county. I can't determine if the party escorting the Governor went through Wake county. 

Lindley's Mill was at a crossroads and the north-south road was direct from Hillsborough to Raleigh. I still think some group of British soldiers camped out at Swift Creek during this time. There is a short mention of an encounter with 12 -20 patriots which the loyalist brushed aside. A possibility exists.

My cousin thought it was Cornwallis himself who left troops in the field for a month and "shot Jesse off the porch" . But while Cornwallis did come to Pittsboro,I do not think he came up the road. The farm is only 1/2 hour by car from Pittsboro, and possibly riders on horseback could cover that distance easily to find food and remember it may have been property in Cary right on Tryon Road. Still, young, unmarried John, Jr. didn't create a will until the first of fall 1781, which implies he was recently mortally wounded and knew he didnot have too much longer. I don't think Cornwallis was anywhere around and we know Fanning and the Highlanders from below Cross creek were moving north and south.

And why did Elizabeth, John, jr (Jesse's) mom, tell the state he was killed serving General Greene twenty years after his death?I wonder if even though John Jr. likely served in the army, he was killed by Tories at home and thus was not eligible? We know John, Sr. and several of John, Jr.'s brothers gave supplies and fought particularly at Moore's Creek. Several brothers were given land for service and moved toward the west and south.

I just have more personal genealogy to do.

Please note some new fun things to do and new blogs with Rev. War resources.

I have to design something tangible now.

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