Friday, May 1, 2009

Lunch with the team

I just got back from lunch with all my former design team. They are holding on in this economy. They have a wonderful product in that the fabrics are all woven from yarn recycled from things like plastic 2-liter Coke bottles.

See, it is important to manage your trash. The city can sell it, you pay lower taxes. Someone makes a product from it and sells it to people like True who make another product from it and sell it to large industries.

My favorite contribution in the short time I was there was a wonderful fabric for Hyundai's Nuvis concept car at the New York Auto Show. I was very proud it made a splash on all the blogs and auto reviews. I just mentally will the business to come back-soon and I can contribute, or back-eventually and my historic town will live to tell yet another success story with me in a wonderful, history-based non-profit encouraging, helping, planning (DESIGNING!!!)something about the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail which starts there.

My revolution connection is that during the holidays when things appeared survivable for me at work, two french sisters- one of them is one of our designers in New York - came to visit my boss who lives on Lake Norman and who is very creative finding things to do and see. She found the Latta Plantation and stables filled with horses to ride upon. I have never been to the Latta Plantation. I didn't know much about it, but now I must go too. OH LA LA!!

The Latta plantation property was owned in the time of the revolution eventually by Moses Hayes. A replica of his house exists. It is easy to compare his life to the Lattas who bought the property in 1800. He was a yeoman farmer. The Lattas became very prosperous and created a plantation. Quite a life style change thanks to peace and natural resource and Freedom!

Does any one know any stories about Martin Hayes. Did he or his father fight in the revolution?

Anyway, I want to go down there and ride. I haven't been horseback riding in decades. Thinking about the fox-hunter style riding adventure the other day with Joseph Winston at Kings Mountain reminded me how much fun my cousins and I used to have galloping through pastures at my grandmother's house in Wake county. Here's a place to do it again, Latta Plantation Equestrian Center in Charlotte.

By the way, if you own horses and want a second home, visit Leatherwood in Wilkesboro. That's a resort that boards your animals and provides trails and a good restaurant.

Okay, my son's car has died at school. I must go get him. Isn't it all time we went out and bought new cars?

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