Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where's waldo?

David Fanning in his own words. See page 207 - 9. Where did he hide his army after he was shot. ?

At the departure of my little army, I was left with three men; and in four days 17 more came to my assistance. I made enquiry respecting the loss of the Rebels, in the late action; and found that the inhabitants had buried 24, and that the wounded they had left were 90, besides those that went off and that my party had taken 10 prisoners. Of the number of the killed was Col’o Luttrell, and Major Knowles, who were inveterate enemies to the Loyalists.

The party we had engaged I found consisted of four hundred Continentals under the command of Col’o Maybin and Gen’l Butler.

In twenty-four days I found myself able to set up, and then dispatched four of my Captains Hooker, Rains, Knight and Lindly, to Wilmington for a supply of ammunition; and before their return, I had sent out, and embodied 140 men, during which time I heard of a quantity of leather, which was prepared for the use of the rebel army, and was ordered for Gen’l Green’s quarters at Camden.

I went to the place, and finding the leather agreeable to my information, I took enough thereof to equip the company completely, and ordered the rest to be destroyed.

On my return to Brush Creek, near where I had been secreted during my illness, occasioned by my wounds, I sent out spies for discovery. Two of them returned, in less than an hour, with the information of six hundred rebels, who were advancing for to attack me. But they proved no more than 170. Their accounts disheartened a number of my men. From my being in so weak a state, they apprehended I would not be able, to command them. However, they lifted me on my horse, and I formed my men
page 209 -------------------- there in two ranks and showed two fronts, as they appeared both in my front and rear; the fire continued for nearly an hour. I lost three men killed, and three badly wounded. The rebels had one killed and several wounded.

Where did he get the leather intended for Greene? Was it Swift Creek in Wake county?

Check this resource for great information from Mr. Shelby in SC.

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