Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random discoveries I don't want to forget.

Colonel Alfred Moore Waddell, in his history of the Revolutionary War in New Hanover County, states that Gen. Francis Marion, the Horrys, and General Huger, all of South Carolina, met in Brompton, country seat of Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston in Brunswick, to reorganize Marion's men, and that a large portion of these men came from Bladen and Brunswick Counties. Therefore, it can be reasonably concluded that these men were from present-day Columbus County. Additionally, several battles/skirmishes with the British were fought at Brown Marsh - about five miles from present-day Clarkton, NC.

Nov. 16, 1781, The battle of Seven Creeks

Ft. Johnston, Brunswick county

tories in Hoke county

I can't believe the Library of Congress completely skips the Rev. War in North Carolina. Look at this?! and click on the time period of 1780. We have to change this.

Bertie county in the Rev. War.
Bertie county

Tuscarora history in NC

Jefferson's papers are in books almost like an encyclopedia in the gift shop at Monticello. When I was there, I looked at the 1780-81 period. One letter expressed his requirement for Gen. Greene to get leather for shoes for the army. This is also a comment made by the Tory, Fanning. So, I think that there is more evidence that someplace near Fanning while he was recovering was busy tanning hides for shoe leather. I bet on Swift Creek.

I'm off for home today. I've emailed people in six counties. I hope y'all have some stories for the Parks service.

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