Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Films about the Revolution

1776 (film)
The Crossing (2000 film)
Drums Along the Mohawk
Historic Brattonsville
John Paul Jones (film)
Johnny Tremain (film)
The Patriot (2000 film)
Revolution (1985 film)
The Scarlet Coat
Sweet Liberty

Well, some good, some very bad.

It is interesting the Patriot was so successful. RG knew some of the reenactors who were selected to assist as extras. But, he was not in it. Becky Phillips at Ft. Defiance was in "Last of the Mohicans" I remember when they were filming it. One of my acquaintances from a German language class I took in Morganton to prepare for a trip to Europe with my Mom, was an extra with a line. He was a young French officer.

I'd like to see the Southern Campaign in a movie with all the drama and comedy, angst, tragedy and glory. This may be risky. There is so much information. There are so many stories just in NC alone. Maybe we need a series rather like John Adams. It would still be too much. I like the idea of a TV series, but it would be a serious look, so it would not be a story for 8 year olds probably.

Did you know there is a cartoon about the Revolution, Liberty's Kids. I run across it every once in a while. My house has mostly out-grown Sat. am cartoons. Besides, cartoons seem to be on 24/7. but look, the very young are getting an introduction to the battle. Maybe we should supply them with the stories from the southern campaign and intice them to say North Carolina or South Carolina in every episode. ;-)

I still can't get over the Library of Congress just skipping over the southern campaign. Like Benedict Arnold became a traitor, everyone was wringing their hands with worry and then suddenly Cornwallis appears in Yorktown and it was all over. I think not....

John Bull and Uncle Sam. This is a neat website.

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