Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The play's the thing...

Over the course of this exploration, I am particularly drawn to the stories of how the people lived across the state and who they were. It dawns on me that shunning or bullying is in fact one of the most damaging actions one person can inflict on another. It can lead to war, either through the rebellion against injustice or the violence of oppression. If it is the physical acts of violence we completely abhor, it is the seeds of that conflict in a simple lack of manners and holier-than-thou attitude which we should also guard against. These seeds are found in both villians and heroes. No one is immune. History then is important to preserve or interpret if only because of the morality tales that emerge. Knowing tales like this allow you to recognise the traits in real life and avoid the likely consequences.

Now off my soapbox. I have been assigned the personification of holier-than-thou in Tom Dooley, A Wilkes County Legend. I am trying to reconcile calling anyone white trash out loud in public, but it must be done and it is comic relief. Y'all need to come see it. RG and PJ are in the play too. I was supposed to have a townspeople part, and look at this, my part is suddenly big, representing the "society" at large during the Civil War. Please don't hate me for acting so pompous. On the other hand, it could be the cover of revenge of a woman wronged. Funny, but it gives you insight. This play, by the way is incredible, and I warn you, it will open conversations with your teenagers and confound your children, so maybe it should PG-13 very strictly. OH, with that said, I may be perfect for this part....ugh

You can find out more about Tom Dooley at Whipperwill Academy, a site full of period buildings and memoriablia.
There is also information of Daniel Boone, who was of the time of the Revolution. His Revolutionary War activity is curious to say the least. But, he was involved with the Native Americans during Revolution. He previously lived in NC in several places. And remember Richard Henderson in Granville county? He bought Kentucky and hired Daniel Boone to widen the Wilderness Road to facilitate migration. There are many side stories to the Revolution that completely shaped the United States.

An independent film is being made at Whipperwill Academy too. Just so you will know. It's history and it's certainly drama with good guys and bad guys who think they are good (holier-than-thou). Oprah commented on it on twitter!!! Mike Mintor, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, is starring. RG is in it! It is called The Sins of Ashe County. I think they still want extras. Interested?

Today I am looking at the last coastal counties. I confess I am thrilled to find more and more Revolutionary sites, resources and tales along with all kinds of fun things to do already available. Here are more legends and ghost stories from the coast.

I am specifically looking at Pamlico county, home of Oriental. You have got to see it. This is Sailboat heaven. One of my college friend's parents has a place there and a ocean-going sailboat, of course. This is whole 'nother experience from walking on the beach. And it's beautiful. I went with her to visit them in college. We still stay in touch. I need to "suggest" we do that again!!.

My only real experience sailing was on a Sunfish at Club Med in the Bahamas in my twenties. I dumped myself once, but having taught to upright the boat from underneath, I fixed it and was not therefore stranded out in blue water. So, I look in awe at those folks who actually sail. There are more sailboats in Oriental than people. You might get more information about Oriental at the NC Boat Shows. I particularly like the one in Charlotte. But most of them are in the wintertime. I do see one coming up in August in Raleigh.

Okay, what about the Revolution? I'm still not seeing it, so I've got to make a call to somebody. Oriental was inhabited I think and had another name previous to the shipwreck that named it. What else is in Pamlico county?

Meanwhile, it looks like a perfect playground to me. There is a Croaker Festival coming up July 3 and 4. This celebrates fried fish I think and all things American I'm sure. It looks patriotic to me and has a very grand fireworks show over the water. Now that would be cool..

If you finish with that and need rest in the cool of the mountains, come camping at W. Kerr Scott Lake and watch Tom Dooley at the new amphitheater. Opening night is July 5th. July is the month to "PLAY".

William S. Powell . I found a source for place names. It seems to think most places are named for animals. But still, I get the feeling many, many towns are named for the Revolutionary heroes.

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