Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look at this about Huge Williamston of Edenton, NC. And NOTE!!! Rev. War activity in the Great Dismal Swamp!!!!

Info about Camden county

Brigadier General Isaac Gregory was from the eastern counties, claimed by both PASQUOTANK and CAMDEN He was summoned to join Gates in Camden, SC with his eastern Carolina men. He marched his men from is home in Camden county to Camden SC. Even though the battle was a disaster with General Gates fleeing in disgrace, Gregory's troops held their ground in bayonet fighting. He was shot from his horse and so sure was Cornwallis, that he killed the General, he recorded Gregory as dead in his reports.

Fortunately, this was not the case and Gregory escaped and continued though the Revolution. Read about him in the link. He is listed further in the document. But!! what if we had a trail of Gregory's march to Camden? These coastal men in particular fought bravely early in the war, many, many joining to defend other Colonies. This march at least from the North East to the heat of the biggest battles should be noted and these counties included.

Here is a great free book concerning the NE counties including the colonial wars.

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