Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The last surgery for now is set and its for me. I wasn't expecting that. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it seems the doctor in Charlotte says I don't have too much choice. I feel a little like the tin man for now. He basically thinks I will be able to swing from a trapeze afterwards. Hummm....

Perhaps if Daniel Morgan had had a doctor like this, he would have been able to continue the war. After his magnificent victory at Cowpens, he had to give it up.

This morning I went to Clayworks and found people busy working on a pottery order for a new, local winery. We, the guild, are all going to meet there for dinner sometime soon. PJ wants to buy his Dad a bottle of wine for Father's Day. He has instructed me to find it. It will be Yadkin Valley Wine no doubt.

When we were married, PJ's Dad and I went to a country club in California in the Wine country there. There was the Chrysler Tournament of the Stars featuring four sponsors - Warner Bros., American Airlines, Computerland, and a California builder I believe, to benefit the Boy's Clubs of California. I think that is correct. Anyway it was a five day event in the early 1990s. The primary feature was a golf tournament. Warner Brothers supplied STARS! The other groups gave incentives to the top sales firms. My former husband owned a company that was a vendor for Computerland and so we took the trip. He got to play golf with one star per foursome. Toni Tennille was his star. The general public was invited to view the celebrity golf tournament for a fee.

In a nutshell...We had dinner with Toni Tennille at a talent show. I smiled at Mac Davis whenever I saw him that week. He sang a song about a (very) young romance that ended in the talent show. Toni quietly told me that was a true story. I was so surprised! How could any average person do that to just a heart throb.

Robert Wagner put his arm around me. I met Clint Eastwood eye to eye. (I was taking his photo from across the room. I guess he wasn't all that pleased...) Jack Valenti was at the table across from us. Earlier, I nearly ran over Johnnie Mathis and the director of The River Wild, Curtis Hanson.

Hopefully, the director thought I was Meryl Streep for just a very brief moment. We made eye contact the rest of the week, but I was not discovered unfortunately. He hung around with three other stars who actually hung around those of us who were not stars. I didn't get to talk to him, but one of his star buddies told me we had to stop meeting like this at the salad bar. I didn't know him, but I knew his face. In fact I only recognised one of them as stars I knew. I didn't know I was trading curious glances with a director until sometime later when I saw him interviewed on TV. Gosh, if I had known, knowing myself as I do now, I would have not hesitated to say hello at least.

Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Dick Martin from Laugh-In, and Diahann Carroll (who DID NOT look a day over 35 even then) were hanging around in the tavern together having lots of laughs.

It was the year of the 25th anniversary of the moon landing. The astronauts were there. I have my photo with Neil Armstrong and one of him with Alan Shepard. My two cents --- Alan Shepard who came across on TV as the most friendly, was not. Neil Armstrong who didn't talk much during that year was Mr. Wonderful! He and his wife were enjoying all the other stars as much as all of us. I got his autograph.

You know, when you put that many stars in a country club together, they are really just a bunch of nice people on vacation.

They need to come to NC for vacation. We have golf. We have wineries and we have film studios. What we need are the businesses to raise money for the boys and girls clubs of NC. AND we have National History. California doesn't have that!

Maybe after we film the TV series about the southern campaign all that will change. Do you think Curtis Hanson will remember me?

I'm goint to have to break down and cold call somebody.

There is a documentary brewing in Virginia and Tennesee about the overmountain men. The idea is it will be a series and proceed into NC and SC. We, OVTA, were approached and are actively working on that since about six weeks ago.

In addition, our OVNHT is included in Ken Burn's new series about our National Parks. Watch out for that.

Now as I always close-- dig out those stories. Let the park service know how much you would like the area to be a national heritage area and what you could do with funding to promote the area for tourism, business and education. This is kind of like stone soup I know, but we have a story-telling gold mine in NC.

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