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It appears that on both sides of the lines, managing the women was a difficult job.

2009 Events Relating to the Southern Campaign
(Courtesy of “Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution”

This is a great list from Charles' group. There is an interesting talk to be held in Richmond, Vir. about camp followers , that is the women, who followed the Rev. War troops to take care of their laundry, food , etc. Most were wives and children, but undoubtedly some were not.

Two women accompanied Patrick Ferguson to Kings Mountain (Pg. 292), Virginia Sal and Virginia Paul. Virginia Sal was the first person to die in the battle as she apparently stepped in front of a bullet aimed at the commander. She was buried with Ferguson in a cowhide and today lies with him in a Scottish cairn at the top of Kings Mountain.

Virginia Paul was captured riding away at the end of the battle with no great concern. She was eventually released and sent back to Cornwallis' army to fend for herself.

I'm acting that week or I'd be on my way to Richmond to hear more about women in the Revolution. Anybody else have great stories of women in NC or SC? There are in fact many stories in the Kings Mountain book. I'll look them up or you can just google the book, you know... Kings Mountain and Its Heroes.

Note! Stanley county, July 18th, The Battle of Colson's Mill. SAR, DAR wreath laying ceremony. The NC Sons of the American Revolution have a list of events on their website. I'm looking at them. This one is the last one in NC for them. There are several in SC. The Battle of Colson's Mill allowed Col. Davidson to deny Cornwallis an addition of nearly 1000 troops and effectively broke any remaining loyalist sympathies along the Yadkin River Valley.

Here's the SAR list:

Upcoming Events 2009

Ramsour's Mill, Lincolnton, NC - 06/13/2009
Carolina Day/Battle of Ft. Sullivan, Charleston, SC, 06/27/2009
NSSAR National Congress, Altanta, GA - 07/4 - 8/2009
Battle of Colson's Mill, Norwood, NC - 07/18/2009
Battle of Musgove's Mill , Clinton, SC - 08/15/2009
Battle of Blue Licks, Lexington, KY - 08/16/2009
Battle of Eutaw Springs, Eutawville, SC - 09/5/2009
Sycamore Shoals Assembly , Elizabethton, TN - 09/19/2009
NSSAR National Leadership Meeting, Lousville, KY - 09/24 - 26/2009
Point Pleasant Days, Point Pleasant, WV - 10/4/2009
Battle of Kings Mountain, Blacksburg, SC - 10/17/2009
NCSSAR BOM, TBD, - 10/10/2009
Yorktown Victory, Yorktown, WA - 10/19/2009

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