Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daniel Boone and The Revolution

Boone is one of the best vacation spots in NC. So naturally, knowing what I know, I assumed it was in the National Heritage Area thus defined. But, Watauga is not included so I have called Hickory Ridge Homestead and asked them to comment to the Park Service.

The town is named for Daniel Boone of course. He inspired a shopping center in Hillsboro. He lived at least half his life in North Carolina. He already has his own trail . He lived a little while in Wilkes. The Heritage museum recreated his marriage to Rebecca Bryan a few years ago so I got to portray Rebecca. Yea, I look all of 17 years old... Ha!Ha! But it was in promotion of a book, In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone, by author and friend Randall Jones. With this book, you can set on an adventure about all the way to Missouri.

But, as we are discovering he had a lot of effect on the Native American population and was off in the far frontier during the 1780 time and by the way, by colonial standards he was an old man by that time.

We need to know more about him since many of us could recognize, "Daniel Boone was a man, yes a big man... " in only a few bars. He was after all a legend in his own time. We think we know him, but what about kids? I guess you can buy the Fess Parker series, the definative Daniel Boone.

I am telling you, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, the southern campaign is an opportunity for 7 years of TV drama in the genre of Fess Parker's Daniel Boone, or MASH, and even LOST. As far as the Revolution, everyone (Library of Congress - see earlier blog of exasperation) knows a little, but no one really knows the whole story! We can film right in the back yard from the mountain to the sea. It will be a classic. We have SO many characters it will Fess Parker times 100.

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