Saturday, October 10, 2009

OVTA Field Days

The OVTA Field Days in Elkin thanks to the support of the National Parks Foundation, the Coca-Cola Foundation, Member's Credit Union and help from Comb's Hometown Butcher shop, All-Star Rentals, and Lowe's Home Improvement was... a complete success!!

However, I feel like a bride. You plan for weeks, months or years. The big event unfolds. Everyone's nerves are on edge and NOW they are telling you what to do. It rains in the morning when it wasn't supposed to, but suddenly the sun appears, you get help, everyone follows the plan, each function functions as its supposed to do, you get MIRACLES, compliments start to fly and everyone has a wonderful time.

We had about 300 kids and adults who walked 3.7 miles each inspired by our Active Trails grant. They learned about history, met Senator Broyhill, asked good questions and watched in awe as the iron in the blacksmith's fire grew red, the powder exploded in the rifles, a chicken cooked outdoors hanging on a string, candles grew, blowguns flew, they drilled, they met a native American, they walked on the trail and learned to read "the signs". They captured a tory escapee and returned him to camp but voted to parole him to fight with the patriots. It was a fun filled day full of real and imagined, past events and inspirations for their future.

Why do I feel like a bride? Well, I heard all about it. I just missed it. I was in the command center so to speak and all of it happened all around me. I have to read about it in the newspaper tomorrow. But, apparently, my plan worked out.

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