Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just how many Apple festivals are there in NC?

Today is the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival. Guess where RG is? I should have gone probably, but remember that house I live in and my surprise guest? Well, shame works wonders. If we just lived in an RV and traveled, we could invite folks to the great outdoors or under a fly during rain or snow. I knew there was some reason I liked 18th century America.

Anyway it occurred to me that there are lots of apple festivals in NC. So I have set about looking for them. Here are some more:
NC Apple Festival oops missed it..
Apple Festival, Bethabara, -rained out? Maybe next year.
Lincolnton Apple Festival - oops , another miss and same day as Winston!!
The Historic Orchard at Altapass - is one year long festival, but special when OVTA comes - missed it again!!!!
Apple Harvest Festival in Waynesville, Oct. 18th -- there is still time!!!!!
Taylorsville Hometown Apple Festival, Oct 17th - another one, two in one weekend. go west!
Eden Apple Festival - hummmmm, maybe not be one this year, can't find it....


In my e-search, I hear a lot of northerners, my fellow Cary/ChapelHillites complaining about the lack of variety and great apples. They are simply not down there, though I have wonderful memories of the little tart green apple-pie apples in my aunt's yard which still stand in someone else's yard near Miss Georgia Court in Cary (named for my Gramma "Georgia").

Come to the mountains - TODAY! you can make it to the Brushys from the Triangle in 3 hours by car. It's NOT RAINING!!! 70 degrees! (F, for the rest of the world - its not hot)

And then there is this Black Walnut Festival in Bethania. Now that's what I want to see. Maybe I can get my mother-in-law to make the famous Elkin fruitcake she saved from the Winston-Salem Journal article of 1963 (made by the grandmother-in-law of one of my friends in Elkin who sings in Community Chorus with me and now is a famous facebook buddy)

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