Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The earth is not flat. The world is flat.

I am feeling that feeling they felt when the earth was proven to not be flat. Everything opens up. Everything changes.

So, while I struggle in my pursuit of the Revolution in the South, I am uncovering many people who have already done so, and now there are profitable, national businesses draped around the American Revolution. I can't decide if I'm late or just a prophet to the masses. Perhaps only the minority and wealthy can take these tours and attend these meetings. I'm telling you, those businesses would explode when/if there is a television series filmed in Wilmington and the masses discovered their ancestors. Then those small service businesses would follow, increase the quality of life and bring back the manufacturing to NC.

If you haven't had vacation yet and can spend the same time and money as a trip to Europein the fall, try this tour. AND I say finger-shaking to us, this company organizing this history tour is from South Dakota!!! SD!!! (We have no idea what we have in NC history.)

© 2009 HistoryAmerica TOURS4265 Peridot Lane • Rapid City, SD 57702(800) 628-8542 • (605) 348-2250 • Fax (605) 342-8471

This I imagine, is like the experience I had in Japan. I lived for two weeks with a family in Osaka. We were traveling with the Friendship Force. Seems like I told you about that experience. But, anyway... our hosts, particularly the lady of the house, were interested in our Christian culture and our faith. I can't say that I overwhelmed her with my knowledge of the Bible. I have always regretted that and wondered how a person like myself could go through Sunday School for over 30 years, been baptised and born again, and NOT have a passionate story to tell. I remember being timid about all of that, not wanting to express that all Shinto faith-believers are going to hell... I don't actually believe that. I believe God is bigger than my understanding and I trust Jesus to lead me through it. Still, was an opportunity lost??? I couldn't express my own story. It is not one of those saved from drugs like Nicky Cruz or anything stories, so is it less passionate? or do I just not know what it is???!!!!!! This is an analogy to NC and the story of the Revolution in our state. Yes, we have been to Gilford courthouse. No, we do not have too many sites yet available to see from the 1700s. But still, is our story any less passionate? I guess those folks in SD are impressed enough. (South Dakota???? They'd even benefit from an increased awareness of the story of the Revolution.)

South Dakota! Come'on NC...

And PS. “Trust in the Lord and do good…commit your way to the Lord…Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.” (vv. 3,4,7)