Friday, October 23, 2009

Yadkin Valley Craft Guild

I am in the Yadkin Valley Craft Guild Shop on Main Street in Elkin. I'm learning the ropes to volunteer. I've got an opportunity to immerse myself in arts and craft now. I'm signing up for an on-line graphics certification with instructors graduated from my alma mater, FIT in New York. This do-it-yourself training is not helping. I want a portfolio - a real one. I need personal critiques and remember the Clayworks? I can pick up the heavy clay now, so I'm going back and making clay pieces for Christmas presents and to sell in the shop.

We are such a small place and the economy is still reeling, I expect to write to you from this computer regularly. I have a little window and I can see the door. If customers come I will jump up. But truly we've had three customers these two hours - one wanting art suppliers, one wanting to learn to do claywork, and one who grew up here wanting to talk.

I hope I can help change that over the next few months. I want to also write/look for grants.

This is should help sustain my poor resume until the jobs return or I convince myself to go it alone.

I did get a response from a house in New York to design top-of-the-bed to be made in China. She said to let her know if I was interested in moving to New York. I've got to illustrate the method of teleconferencing. Perhaps I will buy the webcam camera and software to upgrade her PC. But first I must design.

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