Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm here to tell you the news!

All this social networking is simply a brave new world. I sent a wild email via linkedin to a former boss. We had lost contact. We have both remarried and changed names since we worked together. Anyway I took a wild guess and it was her! The other day she just showed up on my doorstep. My house was strewn with papers and graphics I'm working out for the program for our event and thus piled-up dishes , laundry, stacks of reference books, and general mayhem. (AHHHggH!) My beautiful southern living room is invaded with amplifiers, various musical instruments, picks, pliers and dust cloths because RG is off and running this time of year with all these festivals and book signings. Let me not talk about PJ's bathroom which is supposed to be the main/guest bath, but which since no one EVER comes over has ...well... evolved. I blamed my neckbrace, drew a deep breath and invited her in. We had a wonderful catching up talk. Inspite of that, I am just determined to give everything I own and live in a box with my computer to avoid having all these things to take care of. Unannounced visitors are the purpose of libraries and country clubs. This is after all the 21st century.

If I really want to go back in time when every grand house was a rest stop for travelers I have recently found all this great news! The Inn of the Patriots for example and its adventureous American Revolutionary War Living History Experience in Cleveland county at Grover, NC. They even have a Colonel Cleaveland Museum!!! (note: old weird spelling for good 'ol Roundabout) Shelby, NC, named for Isaac Shelby of Kings Mountain fame, is the county seat.

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