Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay, I have been very busy winding up details for the Oct. 9th event in Elkin for the 4th and 8th grades. I have participated in a webinar about social networking in general and it was great! (see my tweets!)

A Webinar was essentially a conference call about social networking using the web to distribute the visuals. I need a microphone on my computer, but I don't have one so I used my telephone. I only had the audio to listen with the phone. However, I was able to type "chat" messages to ask questions or make comments. A powerpoint and the cursor were on screen. If they wanted us to pay attention to the details, they moved the cursor around. They were very responsive to my questions. It was like I was in a conference in person. Most importantly, I learned things! Now I want to take a class... You get a certificate. And honestly, they wanted to sell the class and their outsourcing abilities, but they gave back information for free that was helpful. I guess they succeeded in creating trust and if I can find capital I want to take the four week class. It will help explain what I have been doing with my "time off". (Not to mention recovery from neck surgery...)

I won a grant!!! to help with some of the OVTA event. Tiny, but powerful and I confess I have worn out facebook for some reason instead of this page, but I have missed you!!!!

I do feel like I am rather slogging through the mountains but I remind you we are coming up on the area of the overmountain men's expedition to Kings Mountain and things are going to pick up!!

Let me investigate Mitchell county and see if I find anything new.

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