Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is fun to do?

After that Cherokee story of the little men with slanted eyes, I have been very distracted in Buncombe county. So, I'm going to refocus today.

I want to list a few fun things sites just because, as much as I like e-exploring or e-visiting to find out about the American Revolution in the counties of NC, it is really not worth much if there is nothing fun to do after all the sacrifice was made that brought so much opportunity to America 200+ years ago. Once freedom is obtained, then it is up to the free to make the most of their freedom.

So, the Pisgah National Forest is in Bumcombe county too. I've already mentioned in this blog the art community which thrives there, particularly my favorite fresco artist, Benjamin F. Long. The town of Asheville is the home of Biltmore Estate. The Cradle of Forestry is an interesting place. Music is central. There are trails especially for horseback riding and camping.

The Grove Park Inn is a famous, fabulous place to stay anytime of the year. If you go in January with Our State Magazine, as we did a few years ago, you will get a real crash course in North Carolina culture, great food and interesting people to visit with at their annual Best of Our State retreat. Cecilia Budd Grimes was there when we were and she is so funny and so TRUE to the Carolina way of thinking, its worth the entire weekend just to hear her explore what it REALLY means to be southern.

Our State is a wonderful magazine. They also have a TV show and of course these grande events! Take this quiz and see how much NC you have already absorbed. (Move to Cary and you too can be a native tarheel in less than six months. )

ForbesLife:The Style Issue Sept. 09, recognised NC as one of four fastest growing states in the US because of the affordability of our fun-in-the-sun lifestyle. I was kind of proud to read that.

Tomorrow I get to go to Charlotte, see the Doctor and perhaps regain some freedom from this collar. Enough e-visiting. Time to visit!

PS. What will you be doing tonight at 09/09/09 09:09:09 o'clock pm?

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