Monday, September 7, 2009

The first call for a provencial congress

Well, a new book from 2005 says the meeting in 1774 of a provenical congress called-for by John Harvey, Samuel Johnston and Edward Buncombe never occurred indicating NC was not quite ready to rebel in early 1774 even though there was organization of committees of correspondance, safety and militia self-forming all over the colony by March. But when the British closed Boston's port later that year, the fire was ignited. The people started to believe anything was possible and anything would be better than this. The pot stirred up by Edward Buncombe and the others overflowed and we all know what came after that.

Melanie Oudin just won quarter final of the American Open. Her shoes say "believe". I know she was influenced by that greeting card from Mary Englebreit - Believe. Don't you think so? That art is an icon. Thank-you Mary!

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