Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Which Joseph is it?

OVTA will meet in Marion for the annual meeting on Mar. 27th. There the Pepsi Refresh Idea will likely be hacked to death. I am disturbed by this old thinking. Too much loyalty to Coke. To little willingness to communicate on-line about this unlike all the on-line communication about a book to be published...sigh. I don't know where I will get funding for October at this point and many re-enactors who are not my normal crew will be scheduled before it is safe to book them. Did I tell you I was disturbed by this?

Marion is in McDowell county where I left off looking for Rev. War. details months ago. OVTA will meet at the Joseph McDowell House. Note it has two front doors like the Robert Cleveland house. I don't quite understand why this is necessary except for escape. Maybe people didn't like the idea of only one way out. Joseph McDowell was the brother of Charles McDowell or the cousin. There were two Josephs and they were cousins. Both fought at Kings Mountain, they married sisters and later served in the NC general assembly. It still causes problems in the family. Oh my. Well, a mystery to be solved when we get there.

Here is the story of Charles McDowell battling Ferguson in the area of McDowell county. Start at
Patrick Ferguson at Gilbert Town and Vicinity .


Anonymous said...

Hi-I'm a newish OTA member, and I've also been disappointed by the lack of interest in using the internet to the advantage of spreading the OVTA story. I've asked repeatedly about a facebook page, as well as something like a yahoo group for board members, but was dismissed with both ideas. Both would be easier than fooling with a bazillion emails, which I don't have time to deal with on a regular basis.

Sorry about your project. I hope something works out.

Donna said...

Well, just to stir the pot... I will bring the idea of the facebook page to the attention of the board on Saturday. It is so easy! I have not used yahoo group, but I believe we can set a facebook group to be private so that only OVTA members can read or contribute. Is that like the yahoo group? Wouldn't that be 100 times better than email? Everytime something was posted it could notify your email. Its not like you have to check facebook everyday if you do not want to do that. Thinking cap is ON. Thank-you!!

Donna said...

Well, the minutes from Dec. just arrived. I was not available for that meeting so I did not know this. BUT, an assignment was made for a Facebook page to be opened. I haven't seen it. I'll search for it. AND if it hasn't been done, I'll volunteer. I guess we just press on and on. As I recall it took two requests to the Virginians to get them to join the Overmountain men. It was hard to leave their families to the risks of living on the frontier. Finally, they understood the message and their fighting was especially praised by the Surry militia. So, OVTA will come around. Maybe Coke will help us again, too.