Thursday, March 11, 2010

On vacation from my other favorite school, East Carolina!

Did you know Sandra Bullock went to ECU? She's an oscar winner now!! for that wonderful "The Blind Side" movie based on a TRUE story.

Which leads to this observation.....Zach Galifiankis, local boy made good, went to NCSU. He will be an Oscar winner someday and don't you think he would make a GREAT OVERMOUNTAIN MAN!!! Yes, the story of King's MOuntain needs to be a movie.

Apparently some folks outside of my sphere of influence are talking about making a movie out of the story. I wrote to ask to be a part of it. But, it has so Many stories, it should be a TV series or at least something like John Adams. I've already talked about this here.

I've also already written to Andy Griffith just for advice.

And if you don't make a movie, I'll be a writer of some discipline by July, officially certified by ECU. I"m opening my movied with the mooning episode at Musgrove Mills. Didn't know about that? Well, just check out King's Mountain and its Heroes.

And please go vote. If you are watching the ACC tournament, then everytime the Pepsi Refresh commercial comes on, get someone in your near vacinity to vote at .

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