Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did you Vote today?

Did you vote for us for to Refresh OVTA? If not you can access the vote on the side of this blog and log in and vote or click on the link above.

It turns out that most of 1093 requests to Pepsi for funding are for the $250.000 category. So we have more competition for fewer grants. It didn't appear that way in January, but that's how it turned out.

We moved up in average position today. I hope we get an exponential explosion in coming days.

I think I was left at McDowell county when I stopped looking for cool things and writing here. I'll look again.

Currently, I'm taking four (4!!) graduate classes at East Carolina on-line for technical and professional writing. I have two additional grants to complete, three final papers to write concerning the effectiveness of social media, real-time sampling in the era of distributed work with a client in Denmark, and finally the 2nd Generation Biofuels. Researching biofuels I discover that there is really already a third generation of biofuels. I have to do all these by April 26th. They all will have outlines, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews and drafts before this time. I am enjoying this, but I am stuck in front of this computer for at least 50 hours a week. My house looks like it has been hit by a tornado.

I may only tag in with short blogs for this month. I will keep my eyes open for Revolutionary history connections.

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