Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pineapple Express

SxSW keeps coming up in the techsphere. I'm doing three papers. One on social networking, one on project management and one on 2nd generation biofuels. Oh, and the grants!!

So today, on my facebook came this link to a filmmaker, David Gordon Green who went to the NC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem being interviewed at South by Southwest. He made George Washington and he made Pineapple Express.

I took my son to see Pineapple Express by accident last year. My jaw dropped watching it but there we were. I guess I have to say it was interesting. I would not suggest you take your sixteen year old to see it.

Green is making movies with the microscope instead of the more expensive, grand scale events.
Well, would he do the OVT story? I'm calling him. Can he make the movie around "all the little moments approached intimately rather than epically."

And George Washington was not about THE George Washington, but I thought it was when I started this blog and felt the need to confess about Pineapple Express.

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