Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feed Me Seymour!

We spent the afternoon at the Senior Play, Little Shop of Horrors. Those kids have lungs! It's good to have a great script and then even better when they sing on key. AND that plant!!! Great job on that.

Hey, and that is Steve Martin being the dentist in the movie!! I had forgotten that. He is coming to Merlefest the last weekend in April. I'm getting his autograph. Well, its a goal. I've always loved him. RG plays on the Cabin Stage with the Banknotes (the artists formerly known as RG Absher and Extra Measure) on Thursday night at 6:15pm just before Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.

This reminds me to point you to the NC coast to find some of those mini Audrey IIs. I don't think any of them have mutated yet, so don't be afraid. They are found primarily in the Green Swamp Preserve. This is in Brunswick County which is full of Revolutionary War history.

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