Monday, April 27, 2009

The quote

The best I can determine, as I can't quite remember what R.G. said to Greg Deering, comes from the pbs transcript in the link above. Essentially, the banjo is as American as it gets and Thomas Jefferson noted it came from Africa. RG probably gave Jefferson the credit for calling the Banjo "American", but as I have discovered this week, the banjo or banjar, has developed over the last several hundred years with the best development probably gelling in the 1970s and probably because of the workmanship of Greg Deering. But even Greg takes advice. Jens Kruger, of the Kruger Brothers, collaborated with him recently to step the banjo up a bit. Greg even hinted the science was about to take another revolutionary step forward within the next three months. The revolution in banjo music is on going.

I can't wait to tell you about what happened at the Sam Bush concert last night, but I have to get some sleep. You won't believe how I found our rev war history in there!

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