Thursday, April 23, 2009


Please read the first post for the purpose of this blog

I am still trying to understand the blog and mechanisms. Please send me a message if you can access the blog. I find myself following myself. I can't google and find the blog. If you know something about this, please email me at

Any suggestions for the name of the blog. SOCA (Southern Campaign) is used by the Parks Service and a bunch of other groups. FOSCAR - rhymes with NASCAR strikes me as a good, easy to type, name for the moment instead of SCAR as it is already a rev. group name and, well, is a little disconcerting to me, though appropriate for war, I guess.

I'm emailing a link to my first round of interested parties. Help!

PS. Merlefest begins today in Wilkesboro! I will likely be involved with that until Monday. Leave your comments and spread the blog around.

The most important thing you can do right now is to access the National Park Service planning group and express your desire to have a National Heritage Area in North and South Carolina. Then, tell them about your county and ask for it to be included in the area. Lastly, tell them why the county should be included. What happened in your "neck of the woods" during the Revolution? Is there a site to tour there? Could a site be developed, a song written, a play produced, records to be researched? (Edgecombe?) Tell the study group and they will document your feedback as evidence that NC will use the NHA to the economic benefit of the state.

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