Thursday, April 23, 2009

The key to connecting

So, this morning I have determined though google research that the way to appear on a search engine is to have a lot of interesting text and lots of "hits" - ie friends, family, groups, and interested masses to find this site in a general search.

So I'm sending it to all of you. Here is the link:

Also as I mentioned, its time for Merlefest. My husband, RG Absher, plays on the cabin stage about 5 tonight. His band is now called the BANKNOTES in memory to Bill Young, festival organizer. It was formerly R.G. Absher and Extra Measure. Every year the boys have been a primary host band for the Merlefest.

Here is another link:
It is a fantastic Americana music festival, the premier music festival, created to remember Doc Watson's son, Merle, a star in his own right, who was lost in an accident in the prime of his life.

It is worth about 80,000 visitors over 4 days to the Wilkesboros and that is economic development.

So, somebody out there write a song for the Revolution for Merlefest. It is a certainly a grand gathering.

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