Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The May Museum and Park

I found it! Pitt county is a Revolutionary HOT spot. You guys MUST write the Park Service ASAP.

In addition, my fourth great-grandfather was Major Benjamin May. (Me-Mom-MaMa-Joseph Lang- Mariah Rogers- Elizabeth May - Benjamin May) I knew MaMa well. She knew her grandmother, Mariah, very well and did Mariah know Benjamin May? You start to feel very close to the Revolution when you know your relatives.

Benjamin May was on the Committee of Safety. Benjamin May was a delegate from Pitt County to the NC Provincial Congress at Halifax, North Carolina, April 12, 1776, when they passed the Halifax Declaration of Independence. He led troops at Guilford Courthouse. He has a DAR chapter house named for him.

Importantly, his grandson built a house - probably using his kitchen from his plantation, and added on - which is now the May Museum and Park in Farmville, NC. Benjamin May is buried with his wife Mary (Tyson) nearby.

The May Museum houses a beautiful English tea set, a very large piece of furniture like a cubboard and swords used in the Revolution which all were personal belongings of Benjamin May. That is a place to go in Pitt County to see Revolutionary items.

I'm sure if we get a National Heritage Area and Greenville or Farmville or somebody has not yet created a tourism site concerning the Rev. War., that one will be created.

This is another private, volunteer group like Ft. Defiance. If you want to join the friends, call Donna Kemp at the museum at (252) 753-6725. She will set you up.

She reminded me to join the Tyson-May Reunion. It has been on going since 1920. How many family reunions do you know which have lasted so, so long? Surely, to do that the family met frequently in earlier days as well. They have their own web site so have a look.

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