Sunday, February 15, 2015

Revolutionary Significance, Gino Vannelli and SNL

I have been remiss for years now -discouraged by the handling of the bill in Congress.  However, I hear an opportunity exists for it to rebound.  Also, out of the blue, unexpectedly, encouragement appeared for me to continue writing here in 2015 from a fan on twitter. Finally, today on Meet The Press Dana Carvey pronounced he was "keeping his powder dry" about SNL s 40th Anniversary show so I knew every day continues to have revolutionary significance. Every Day Matters.

This is the deal. This blog exists to encourage the establishment of a National Heritage Area around the events of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.  I stay in tune with the culture to hear references to the great divide as the United States pulled away from Great Britain.  I research counties in NC to include their history and if I find some fun things to do there for visitors, I note that and add links. 

In addition, I am employed. I have found my calling again in textiles thanks to encouragement from a song by Gino Vannelli called "Something Tells Me".  No!  I'm getting this wrong!!!  I rediscovered Gino and thought about giving him information about music in NC, but I didn't do it until I found this song...   I'll find the interview he gave that encouraged me to look for my better job on another night...

  Gino is a passion of mine from my youth when I met him in NYC in 1977 by sneaking into the line with the press after a concert to gain an audience with him in his dressing room. I had chaperones.  In fact, I did not even know who he was at the time, but he made a big impression on me first by his exceptional music and secondly by his beautiful eyes and gallant manners.

I have a lot of stories to tell you about the revolution, but everyone will also include a moment from my GinoMania these days. And we will visit the remaining counties even though they have already advertised their links to the Revolution for some time.

It is important to tell our stories and watch them take hold in the minds of others. Understanding, inventiveness and bonds between generations form when we tell our stories.  For example, since I started my blog, the OVTA has grown more important as a leader in trails, and the Revolution has emerged in popular TV everywhere. I am so taking credit for whispering in the ears of the universe for all of that. I give you Sleepy Hollow, The Sons of Liberty, and that marvelous Fiat commercial "The Italians are Coming".    I just rewatched The Sons of Liberty on the History Channel from my recorded list. This is fantastic. Sleepy Hollow until recently has been filmed in Wilmington, NC.  We are all loving the tension between Abby and Ichabod Crane.  The Fiat commercial was filmed in Winston-Salem, NC and two acting friends were in it.  And this is exactly what happens especially to women when we hear Gino Vannelli is in concert. People Gotta Move.  See how this all works?

I have to relearn how to make links. I'm going to see Gino again in #Annapolis, Maryland. is his site and has tour info.  Catch him in #california. FEB 27 and 28.  Note the word 
"SUPERNOVA" beside him here? I kid you not. He is Revolutionary Significance.


Ann Brownlee said...

Donna, I did some asking around at the at the Fields of Conflict Conference in Coumbia SC last year and was told the Heritage Area is DEAD. There is some recognition of the Revolutionary War under the Civil War Preservation Trust, but, if they continue to follow their years-long pattern, it'll be limited to the big glamor battles, not what NC needs. I've given up on any help at the state-wide or federal level. Just do what you can at the local level. Ann Brownlee

Ann Brownlee said...

Oh, and BTW, Josh Howard got married and left the state. We can't win.

Donna said...

Oh well, no heritage area, but more culture induced by recognition of the Southern Campaign. Good to hear from you!!!