Monday, February 16, 2015

Quick!!! A virtual revolution toward good, real, heart-bending music...

Quick!!!  Stevie Wonder is on TV at nine tonight!  It's a total resurgence of great music and somehow I feel it is all connected to Gino Vannelli. Gino's big break came when Stevie asked him to fill in when Chaka Khan was unable to tour. It is a virtual revolution of good, real, heart bending music.

How does this connect to NC and the revolution?  I'll find out.

My encounters with revolutionary NC stories today include a you-tube from the outdoor drama The Sword of Peace.   Gino wrote a whole suite of music concerning war with the London Philharmonic way back in the seventies.  It was the beginning of artistic differences. Gino began to break again from mainstream mass music business and followed his own conscience to music as art and self expression. FREEDOM. 

Last year, when my sister and I saw Gino Vannelli in Augusta, we came home by Kings Mountain, NC and saw a brand new play called "Liberty Mountain" written by Bob Inman. I immediately thought Gino and his brothers Ross and Joe should score a movie of my favorite NC revolutionary story and posted this on the international shamelessly devoted fans site of. Barend and Trees in Holland.

Lastly, Gino supports our troops. This is my favorite - None So Beautiful As the Brave.   You can own it on the CD or DVD from the concert  Live In LA huzza!

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